Give away credit

Make others happy and give EmeraldHost credits as a gift for celebrations or special occasions

On this page, voucher codes can be purchased that are great as gifts. The recipient can use them to top up their EmeraldHost account and play award-winning and creative games like Minecraft or chat with friends via voice servers. It is completely secure (one-time purchase with no contract commitment) and will make the recipient very happy.

How can I give away credit?

Credit can be given away already from an amount of 5,00 €. As a gift, a voucher code is generated, which is sent to you by e-mail after completion of the purchase. It can be printed out or passed on digitally to the presentee.

What payment methods are available?

You can pay with many common online payment methods. Among them of course Paypal, Instant bank transfer or credit card, but also with Giropay, Apple Pay® or paysafecard. You can find more information about our payment methods here.

Does the recipient receive the gift immediately?

Only if this is desired. In the next step, you can select whether the voucher code is first sent to the gift giver (it can then be printed out or forwarded). One can also select the option that the code is immediately forwarded to the gift recipient.

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